You're her last hope.

You've never been known to be tall not either strong, but after his failure, your father knows you're the last hope in order to save your sister imprisoned into this dungeon by a malefic enemy. Find the weapons from your family that the enemies have stolen and defeat all of them, floor after floor.


  • A tiny but fast hero
  • Multiple hand-crafted floors
  • 3 unique weapons to find
  • Multiple (and dumb) enemies
  • A malefic boss


  • Move: WASD or ZQSD  (can be changed in the "Instructions" screen)
  • Dash: SPACE
  • Attack/aim: Mouse
  • Next weapon: SHIFT


Some assets of the game have been created by myself, but most of them comes from people who knows what they're doing. 

Art - 0x72 (modified)  o_lobster

Music - Tim Beek cactusdude

Sounds - artisticdude

Fonts - Bitty by MashArcade Harmonic by monkopus

See the "Special thanks" screen at the end of the game to get more details.

Hope you guys might have some fun with it !




- Enemies are now tracking the player in a proper way.

- Being out of bounds results in a teleportation to the last known and valid coordinate.

- A collision bug with purple banner has been fixed.

Updated 2 days ago
Tags2D, Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Fast-Paced, Short
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I can´t move

This is a really good game but try not to get cornered by monsters near a wall as their attacks will cause you to glitch through the wall and softlock the game. Other than that, it's really good


This is due to the way I'm resolving collision, I might do something about that.

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

For a game that used free assets store... this is a masterpiece plus the music is so good but the two main problems(wich are not really a big deal) are the ais are not smart enough and the cursor but GOOD WORK... keep it up


You're right, I certainly need to had a proper pathfinding algorithm for enemies.

finally, ZQSD support! Thank you so much! As an azerty user, it's really difficult to play games that use WASD so this is real nice for me


I'm happy it helps you! :)

I wondered, is it normal that you can go through some of the walls with banners?

like for example right before the bossroom, there are banners on walls you can go right through


You are totally right, it's fixed. :)


Very interesting game, but the cursor is moving along with the character is kinda annoying, since I control the cursor with my mouse and it causes a bit confusion for me.

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itz nice game but went some improvement on controls  im press a nut dont move to right but when press e itz move